Musical Merchant Review: Auralex Acoustical Treatment Employed by Music Education Non-Profit SongFarm

Written by Victoria Wasylak for Musical Merchant Review

Products from Auralex Acoustics, Inc. were recently employed as a key part of a project by SongFarm, a non-profit coalition of music pros, educators and businesses that aims to develop music spaces in secondary schools.

SongFarm’s first project, which opened on January 18 of this year, was a studio space at Glenvar High School. There, working with producer/engineer manager Alena Moran of Nashville-based Triple 8 Management on a budget from a foundational grant, they envisioned and completed a highly contemporary and creative music-production studio in a re-purposed storage space.

“It definitely did not sound like a recording studio, by any means,” says F. Reid Shippen. “But we put a call into Auralex and it was nothing short of amazing what you can do with their acoustical products and expertise.” After the installation of a number of Auralex ProPanels, ProClouds, ISO Series products and ProMAX free-standing acoustical treatments, the transformation was complete. “Suddenly, you could now monitor accurately in there,” says Shippen .

“Auralex made all of the difference,” says Shippen. “We gave them the dimensions and what they came up with literally transformed this space into a very usable room,” he says. “I was shocked at how good it sounds now.”

Reid Shippen